BCCSE 2010

What is BCCSE about?

The League of Romanian Students Abroad invites highly competitive students or fresh graduates for a unique experience: to bring solutions to a real-life case-study under the close supervision of the best management consultants in Romania.

You can be one of the top students / graduates selected to test their business knowledge, leadership skills and team work who will experience how it is to be a consultant for one day, win prizes and why not, be recruited by one of the leading management consulting companies in Romania!


Where and when?

This event takes place at Casa Studentilor Economisti, 31 Frumoasa Street, Sect. 1, Bucharest.

The event is structured in two parts, over the course of two days. On July 8, 2010, in the evening, you are invited to some welcoming drinks during which you get acquainted with the other participants and form the groups for the following day working teams. It is going to take place at Casa Studentilor Economisti,  room 21, 1st floor.

On the second day, July 9, you will take part in the presentations of the invited consulting multinational companies (Accenture, Contrast, KPMG, McKinsey, Roland Berger) and afterwards get ready for the real challenge: together with your team work, you will solve the business case-study and make the best presentation of your results.


English language will be used throughout the event.